Make Better Pictures and Profit from them

Why do I provide photography tips here? I’ve been working as a photographer since more than 20 years and in all those years people asked me over and over again: “Gerry, tell me, how can I make better pictures myself?” “What equipment do you recommend?” So I gave advice to all those who were interested. Photography is a passion and you never can stop learning, practicing and discussing about it.
Learning photography is a continual process that never ends. That makes photography so fascinating, especially when you see, that your pictures get more and more impact after applying the photography tips of the pros. You soon will gather compliments from your family and friends. Maybe you intend to have your first exhibition sometimes or to start your own photography business soon.

On this website photography tips for your profit. I will give you advice how you can take better photos, what equipment you need and if you want how you can make profit from your photos part time or even start a new career as photographer and convert your photos into Dollars.

You will discover, that it’s not as difficult as it might seem to be. The only thing it requires from you is your brain and motivation. When you take your next shot, hold on for a few seconds before you press the release button and think about, what you’ve learned from this site.

Until now we dont know each other. It will bet we both share the same passion: photography and the art of taking better pictures. And that is what this site whith its photography tips and articles is all about. Maybe you just start with that wonderful hobby, maybe you are already advanced. Maybe you own already a camera and you pull it out of the bottom of the deck only a few times a year: for birthday parties, Christmas, Thanksgiving and holidays.

Photography has more to offer. If you are a beginner, motivated to learn a lot about photography, that’s great. Grab all tips you can get, apply them as soon as you hold a camera in your hands. Join our forum in the visitors corner, ask and answer question, share your best tips and show us your greatest shots.

Tips for a Budget Friendly Wedding

emilyexoncalgaryphotographyAmong the many special occasions that are well celebrated, weddings have turned into one of the most expensive gatherings. Despite this kind of turn out, this does not mean that you need to put up with the current trend of spending thousands of dollars for your wedding.

Being able to cut down on the expenses is a great way for you and your significant other to consider your future plans together. Through these simple steps, you can focus more on what really matters for your wedding day and the savings that you can set aside from the cost cutting.

Focus on What Matters

See to it that you find the time to really consider what you need for your wedding and discuss it in detail with your partner. If you find photos important, find the best calgary wedding photographers offers, if it is music that you appreciate a lot, consider hiring a band or a DJ, or if it is food that must not be compromised, then look for the best catering service, just make sure to have a list that you stick with as well as possible alternative plans to consider in case one does not work out as you had planned.

Rely on Craftsmanship

Most weddings these days would require a group of professionals to complete every whim that needs to be put into the designs of the entire wedding. Often this will entail you to big expense since these wedding specialists would require high fees for wedding details that you could actually do on your own, so months before your big day, consider looking at some of the different do-it-yourself wedding projects that you can follow for some of the best homemade wedding designs and details.

Turn It Intimate

No couple would want to disappoint family or friends and be unable to invite them all, but unfortunately this detail has to be done when you really want to cut down on your wedding costs. Look into an intimate venue that can facilitate a limited amount of people, this will not only help you cut down on your costs for your wedding, but it will also turn your wedding extra special with only the people that really matter most in your life, like immediate family and your really close circle of friends.